Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Projects!

Ok finally I have something new to add!

Just finished tonight my sheep wall hanging, something to go over where the shoe rack sits and to jazz up the pine wall behind it.

The hanger isn't staying as I will get a wire hanger for it this week, but I couldnt wait to put it up, even if it looks crooked... plain old bush stick holding it up!!


Renny's little things said...

welcome back Jane
no matter how bad things get DON"T delet your blog again. Just put it on hold!!! Looking through your old pics I was remembering when you made some of them especially the table runner for the tea chest. I remember you never really liked it!! Anyway welcome back and please stay
Love and Hugs Geniene

Jane's crafty creations! said...

thanks Geniene!

And I can recall never really liking the table runner, it has now been condemned to the linen closet I am sure there will be a use for it one day for something, hang on just thought of something!! The cats can have it for under their food bowl! Problem solved!
I wont be deleting again!