Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another project started... and finished in less than 24 hours!

Well this is how I spent my mother's day, sewing!! what could be a better way to spend it!

I started cutting this out the night before and by the time I headed to bed it was spread over the dining room table.

I have had my eye on this wall hanging for quite a while and wanted it in my kitchen, but the new kitchen we had put in just wouldnt have gone with the wall hanging, but now the new house has a rather interesting colour scheme of pink/purple benches and grey cupboards! perfect for this wall hanging though.. now I am thinking of doing a table runner or some placemats for the table to match

Once again my camera skills leave much to be desired and they have made the whole thing look wonky but it really isnt!
Now off to spotlight to pick up a hanger for it...

And here it is in the kitchen, almost where it is going to go... not sure where to put it yet.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Projects!

Ok finally I have something new to add!

Just finished tonight my sheep wall hanging, something to go over where the shoe rack sits and to jazz up the pine wall behind it.

The hanger isn't staying as I will get a wire hanger for it this week, but I couldnt wait to put it up, even if it looks crooked... plain old bush stick holding it up!!

And we have moved!!!

Well we are no longer in our mountains haven and have moved to 3 acres in Victoria!

So much more room for the boys to run, play and ride bikes (both push and motorbikes)

We have clothesline out the back and verandah out the front, but no rocking chair as yet! although we do have cows out the back (not ours although someone really needs to inform KC the wonder dog that she does not own the cows and should not be rounding them up)

We also have a massive Mulberry tree out the side and I cannot wait for this to fruit, I have always wanted a mulberry tree ever since I was a kid and my aunt and uncle had one! and now I have my very own.

This has to be the best moment so far with the Mulberry tree

Past Projects - bits and pieces!

A table runner made for the top of my tea chest although since making it, it has become one of my least favourite things

These are the coasters and table runner I did for a friend for christmas

A binder cover for another friend for Christmas

Mr 5's first library bag, this is also a pattern from Hatched and Patched and matches his quilt

And Mum's wall hanging, this was in an issue of Homespun and turned out quite well even if the photo is a bit wrong!

My Needle case, this goes almost everywhere with me

A skirt and a matching bag for Isabella!

And some pencil rolls

And... my Lynette Anderson Christmas stitchery! I love this wall hanging and it just makes me sad that it cannot stay up all year long

And now for some bags!!! and of course some baskets too!

Past Projects - Quilts

My First quilt that I made, this was Mum's mother's day present

This was the second quilt, made for my eldest son, the pattern was from a homespun magazine, but the middle was of a ship, I ended up doing my first go at applique here as well as I did an applique of my son's guitar

My cousin had a baby girl!!! and because I am so surround by boys I just had to do something very pink and purple and girly to celebrate!

A dear friend of mine had a baby boy and I found this pattern somewhere, still have it and thought I would give this one a go!

Finally my youngest son had his quilt made for him, This is a pattern from Hatched and Patched by Annie Downs and I loved doing it.
It is made up of a lot of stitchery panels which were so fun to do and he loves them!

He loves that his name is on his quilt

And both my son and 'The Boss' Sir Thomas made themselves comfy

Although this is the latest place the quilt has been seen, we have moved and  in the new house we have a Mulberry tree, Mr 5 couldnt wait for the mulberries to grow (although the quilt will not be going near the tree once it is in fruit!!)

And the UFO! this one I am determined to finish and very soon as I still love it! Bad photo though with the light behind but you get the idea, in shades of purple

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Blog is Back!

OK after a bit of a break from sewing and blogging I have come to my senses and the blog is coming back.

I am hoping that with the blog coming back my inspiration and motivation will follow!

I do wish in hindsight I had not deleted my previous blog as there were such wonderful comments and photos on the blog, but this is a new beginning!

The blog is back!