Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another project started... and finished in less than 24 hours!

Well this is how I spent my mother's day, sewing!! what could be a better way to spend it!

I started cutting this out the night before and by the time I headed to bed it was spread over the dining room table.

I have had my eye on this wall hanging for quite a while and wanted it in my kitchen, but the new kitchen we had put in just wouldnt have gone with the wall hanging, but now the new house has a rather interesting colour scheme of pink/purple benches and grey cupboards! perfect for this wall hanging though.. now I am thinking of doing a table runner or some placemats for the table to match

Once again my camera skills leave much to be desired and they have made the whole thing look wonky but it really isnt!
Now off to spotlight to pick up a hanger for it...

And here it is in the kitchen, almost where it is going to go... not sure where to put it yet.


barb's creations said...

Very pretty Jane.Glad to see you have started to get your mojo back :) Barb.

Renny's little things said...

Youve got your mojo back!! Maybe it was in the mulberry tree just waiting for you

Love the wall hanging and in just one day!!

Cheers Geniene

Jane's crafty creations! said...

I think it needs some matching placemats

Renny's little things said...

definatley and a table runner, maybe sime coasters!?! maybe that might be too much?

Jane's crafty creations! said...

oooh good idea!
Never too much!

I just need more fabric!

Judi said...

You have come a long since you first started creating with fabric Jane. Love seeing what you have made.

Jane's crafty creations! said...

by the way just to update, this has ended up on the back of the toilet door