Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Diane

Ok I have been away for a little while again, although I have been a little busy!

I managed to get a quilt done for my mum's best friends birthday in August, although getting it done was a drama and half with no thanks to Spotlight!
I had found the most perfect brown fabric that I fell in love with and decided to make this quilt using it, however with one row to go I ran out! so off to spotlight I go, none on the shelf so I ordered some in, they called me to tell me it was in and off I go to go and pick it up, only to be told that the fabric had been recalled!

So with a dose of the cranky pants I raced to the local patchwork shop and purchased 2 metres of a new brown and started the quilt again from scratch, just as I finished the quilt top I received a call from spotlight to tell me that they made a mistake and the fabric wasnt one that was recalled and it was mine if I wanted it... hmmmm thanks for that!

Anyway once this quilt was finished I was more than happy with the final result and it couldn't have worked out any better really....

Please excuse the wonky hanging of the quilt on my new tree, I miss my tree from the mountains house and I haven't worked out how to hang for photos on the new tree here yet... but here it is the finished project!

The block was so easy to do as it is Tube Quilting and you just have to try it! so much fun and a really clever and effective result

The quilt top before it was quilted

The quilt finished and ready to post

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Robyn said...

Adore the mushroom pin cushion and the tooth fairy pillows and this quilt looks warm and inviting in the browns :)!